What is a proxy server

Proxy server

In this article I will explain the benefits of making your own proxy server, but first it is a good idea to know what a proxy server is, I will explain it in a simple way.

What is a proxy server

A proxy server is a computer server that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet, when you are connected to a proxy server, your computer sends regular Internet packets as it usually does, but through a proxy server they will be redirected with the proxy server’s own IP address, thereby replacing your IP with its instead.

Proxy servers is used for many different purposes and there are several different types of proxies, I will explain some of them.

What is a proxy server?

Mobile proxy

As with the proxy server, a mobile proxy works in the same way but through several links, your computer also sends packets of data through the proxy server and sends it through a mobile device which is provided with 1 or more SIM cards, using the provider’s IP address instead of your own when you visit the internet.

The advantage of a mobile proxy server is that it can rotate with the ip addresses available through your provider and thereby not only make use of 1 ip address, the number of available ip address adherents of how many people and devices have use for network connection in this area, typically there will be a large pool of IP address in large cities as the need here is greater than in small towns.

Mobile Proxies are used by many celebrities, artists, marketers, news agencies, etc. around the world to grow their social media accounts with automated tools like Jarvee and FollowLiker, as social media cannot ban these IP addresses due to the many different people who Constantly use the same IP addresses to log on to the social media via their mobile phones.

How a mobile proxy works

Transparent Proxy

Transparent Proxy servers gives no anonymity and tells the website and the web server you are visiting that it is a proxy you are using. Transparent Proxies are used to create copies of data stored on the server, which deliver the content to the user faster.

It`s can also be used to prevent the user from accessing certain websites or web services, public free WI-FI hotspots also often use it to require the user to register or accept an agreement before the service can be used.

Anonymous Proxy

Is a proxy identifies itself as a proxy server when you use it but it will mask your real IP address and only show the proxy server’s IP to the webpage and server, anonymous proxies are good at preventing identity theft and keeping your online habits secret.

High Anonymity proxy

High anonymous proxy servers does not let anyone know that you are using a proxy server and no one can trace your original IP address, therefore it is the most private and secure proxy server to use.

Distorting Proxy

Is a proxy server assigns you a different IP address than your own, thereby protecting your personal information such as your location, which operating system you are using, what web browser you are using and what web searches you have done.

It allows its user to bypass web pages that are blocked in their country, school or office.

Disadvantages of buying proxy server from providers

There are several reasons to avoid buying proxy servers from providers, often because they simply rip you off and mislead their customers with terms such as Elite proxy and Virgin proxies.

Some proxy providers offer Elite proxies as the best private proxies you can get, but in reality it is a marketing stunt as they are simple private proxy servers and nothing else. , they are trying to sell expensive.

You’ve probably also come across terms like Virgin proxy which are proxies making of ip address that have never been used before, but is it at all possible? Virgin proxy no longer exists when the last / 8 IPV4 subnet was assigned in 2012, thereby deadening the definition of Virgin Proxy.

Unfortunately, it is often seen that proxy providers sell their proxies or rent out their private proxies to several customers at a time, or sell mobile proxies that are not mobile proxies, ​in some cases they also sell instagram proxies that are blacklisted, resulting in Instagram blocks and banned accounts​.

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Benefits of making your own proxies and mobile proxies

There are several good reasons to make your own proxies or mobile proxies. By making your own proxies, you do not have to hire a network engineer that cost thousands of dollars and at the same time you don’t have to spend precious time searching the internet for information about things you have no idea about.

You get the opportunity to get much cheaper proxies and mobile proxies by making them yourself rather than paying for them by a provider. By making your proxies yourself, you cut off the middleman and can make proxies for as little as $ 0.005 per. proxy and at the same time for top quality proxies that you have 100% control over and know that no one else is using them.

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