How to create 4g proxy

Mobile proxy ( 4G proxy ) is one of the most important parts of Instagram automation these days. Therefore it is with great pleasure to announce that you can now get the e-book that your provider does not want you to buy. ProxyKnow describes how to create 4g proxy without being a network engineer, without working with complicated codes, and without being an expert.
How to create 4g proxy

Start your own 4g proxy business

As you probably know, selling proxies can be very profitable, and with the Agency and Professional Edition of the E-book, you have the opportunity to open your online webshop. All you need is your proxies and the provided script from the book, and then you are ready to sell the proxies you just made from ProxyKnow on your website.

The Agency Edition is the ultimate version of the E-books and a complete solution to your proxy needs, specially designed for companies and agencies to start your proxy empire. No matter if it's to get proxies at the lowest possible price or to make your own real virgin private proxy, then Agency is what you need. The e-book explains how to lease IPs directly from the brokers at the best possible price, and how you can create proxies in any GEO location. You will also learn how to set up bulk 4g mobile proxies using the described automated script and in-depth guide for making residential proxies.

AUTOMATED SCRIPT that takes care of everything for you.

All processes and theories are described in an easily understandable description Step-by-Step with images, examples and a fully automated script that you have to copy-paste to create your proxy.

Don’t buy overpriced proxies

Are you tired of paying for overpriced residential proxy service that you do not have 100% control of and can be oversold, or in the worst case, the IPs can be blacklisted for spam, then this e-book is what you need. ProxyKnow is an investment that pays back from day one, making tens of thousands of proxies at a cost as low as $0.0001 or create your rotating proxies for Instagram that is guaranteed to reduce action block from any location in the world.

Make your 4G proxies for your needs

Social Media Growth
Secure Online Web Surfing
Search Engine Optimization
Web Scraping

Create 4g proxies for Instagram

The easiest way to promote products on Instagram is to use advanced bots that can control thousands of accounts, they can follow, send messages, post stories, videos and automatically integrate with its followers. Instagram has also figured this out and is doing everything possible to stop this by continually updating the algorithm. For example, it is against Instagram’s rules if you own multiple accounts.

One of the easiest ways to block or ban a account using bots is by analyzing the different accounts and their IP addresses, which allows Instagram to quickly see if an account is following their terms of use or using bots. That’s why you take a huge risk when using automated software to manage your social media. 

However, there is a solution to this problem as you not only need to use any proxy server, but residential mobile proxies for Instagram as they are the best and provide the highest level of anonymity and Instagram will not ban these IP address as many different people are continually using the same IP address on social media and would block legitimate users’ access. 

But where do you usually get proxies from? You buy mobile proxies from a provider, but unfortunately, they are quite expensive. It is, therefore, best to make them yourself and save a lot of money each month.

To create your own Instagram proxy, you have to invest in some hardware that is between $ 30 – $ 60 for one mobile proxy, and the price is approx.
The same as if you buy your proxy from one of the many proxy providers. But be aware that you only have to invest the amount mentioned above for one Instagram proxy one time when you make them yourself, and therefore you do not have to pay for the mobile proxy every month.
The only expense you have per month is on the data you use on your mobile subscription (SIM card), in some countries you can get a cheap subscription with free data.

Even a beginner can make private proxies

  1. lease IP addresses from one of the many mentioned providers in the book.
  2. Connect to your server.
  3. Copy-paste one of the scripts mentioned in the book.
  4. Wait a few minutes for all scripts to load.

It´s that simple.

For advanced marketers

• Fully Automated Script
• Password or IP Authentication
• Advanced 4G Proxy Creator
• Thousands of Proxies from $0.5
• Access our Discord
• 80+ Pages of Information

normally $500
One Time Payment
For true professionals

• Everything in Advanced version, plus:
• Professional mobile/4G proxy script
• Make proxies from $0.01/proxy
• Supports Linux, Windows and Android
• Professional Discord Support
• 200+ pages
• Complete proxy selling script
• Make any type of proxy

normally $1000
One Time Payment
For businesses and agencies
• Everything in Professional, plus:
• Script to create bulk 4g mobile proxies
• REST API for 4G mobile proxy rotation
• How to make residential proxies
• Make virgin proxies
• Make proxies from any GEO location
• How to make millions of IPV6 proxies from $0.0001/Proxy
• Make IPV4 proxies from $0.2/Proxy
• premium Discord support

normally $5000
One Time Payment
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