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How to create your own 4G mobile proxy

Mobile proxy ( 4G proxy ) is one of the most important parts of automated instagram growth these days, therefore it is with great pleasure to announce that you can now get the e-book that your provider does not want you to buy. ProxyKnow describes how you can easily make your own proxy and 4G mobile proxy without being a network engineer, without having to code complicated codes and without being an expert. Read more about the benefit of making your own mobile proxy

Mobile proxy AUTOMATED SCRIPT That Does Everything For You.

All processes and theories are described down to the smallest detail Step-by-Step with images, examples and fully automated script that you just have to copy paste to create your own mobile proxy.

Don’t Buy Overpriced Proxies

Are you tired of paying for overprice mobile proxies that you do not have 100% control of and can be oversold, or in the worst case be blacklisted for spam, then this e-book is what you need. ProxyKnow is an investment that pays back from day 1, making tens of thousands of proxies at a cost as low as $ 0.005, or make your own rotating mobile proxy that is guaranteed to reduce Instagram action block.

Make your own mobile  proxies for your needs, Social Media growth, SEO, internet surfing; the sky set´s the limit. No matter if you need few or tens of thousands of proxies; the choice is yours.

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Even a beginner can make his own proxy.

  1. lease IP addresses from one of the many mentioned providers in the book.
  2. Connect to your server in which you have 100% control of.
  3. Copy paste one of the scripts mentioned in the book.
  4. Wait a few minutes for all scripts to load.

It´s that simple.


To Make It As Easy As Possible
  • Everything in Free, plus
  • Access exclusive IP deals
  • Make proxies from $0.5
  • Access Discord
  • 50+ pages


For Marketers
  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Mobile/4G proxy script
  • Make proxies from $0.5
  • Access Discord
  • 80+ pages
  • Active community support
  • Make 40 free proxies


For True Professional
  • Everything in Advanced, plus:
  • Professional mobile/4G proxy script
  • Make proxies from $0.005/proxy
  • Supports Linux, Windows and Android
  • Access Discord
  • 200+ pages
  • Complete proxy selling script
  • Make any type of proxy
  • Premium support

Want the free lite version? it`s 100% free

Contact us if you would like the lite version of our ebook where we teach you how to make your own proxies.

  1. Learn how to make 20 proxies totally free.
  2. What is the difference between 4g proxy, residential, IPV4, etc.
  3. How to detect fake mobile proxy and fake residential proxies.
  4. Learn how to discover 4G resellers and who the original seller is.
  5. How most proxy sellers rip you off and how to expose them.